Posted by: stardust | July 6, 2007

chasing shadows

one of my all time favourite day is laundry day. actually, im not exactly sure what is a laundry day. just heard my human (slaves) called it that.

these laundry days will start with my human scurrying about from the bedroom to the bathroom and the bedroom and back again. i call it bad management if they have to make that many trips to and fro. after all the numerous trips, they then empty a whole load of stuffs into this big machine. those stuffs look really good to chew. and then the machine will make a few beeping sound before it start shaking and grunting. it is kinda scary but i love watching it all the same. once the machine stop making noises, that’s when the game starts for me.

this is why i love laundry day. the sun is bright and shiny. the sky is blue. my human will bring me outside while she hangs those stuffs that the big machine threw up. (now that they are chewed and threw up, they dont look all that appetising to me anymore).

yeah!.. freedom to run in the sun. outside where i can smell the plants and run around collecting dried leaves to chew on. plus, the bright sun cast lovely shadows which i love, love, love chasing around. it is such fun!

follow with a cool drink and end with a bath. thumbs up for laundry day!


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