Posted by: stardust | July 13, 2007

bosco loves heartgard


once a month, bosco will be given heartgard. my human’s friend, liling was on her case ever since the day she got me to give me heartgard. her exact word to my human was, “you want him to die ar?”. my humans put me on heartgard before i reached 6 months. which was a good time. because heartworms take 6 months to grow into adult worms, and at that time, heartgard will not be able to do the job of killing those darn wormies.

i absolutely love heartgard. they taste absolutely wonderful. as you can see from this video, “once you pop, i cant stop”. cant wait for the next month.

some info of heartgard:
Easy to Give. Protection to live.

It doesn’t matter whether your dog is a pampered pooch or is active and strong, every dog is at risk for getting heartworm disease, a potentially deadly condition.

Fortunately, prevention is easy with HEARTGARD Chewables or HEARTGARD Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel), because dogs prefer the taste and texture of these Real-Beef Chewables 37–1 over the next leading brand!*

Given once a month for life, HEARTGARD or HEARTGARD Plus is the easiest way to ensure your pet has guaranteed protection from deadly heartworm disease.

HEARTGARD or HEARTGARD Plus treats and controls more hook and roundworm species than the next leading brand.

If you have a dog, you need HEARTGARD. Ask your veterinarian about HEARTGARD today.



  1. Hey Bosco,

    Welcome to – it is great to meet you, and I am sure that you will make lots of new friends here 🙂


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