Posted by: stardust | July 18, 2007

im a boy!

once, my humans brought me to a new place to have my monthly ‘spa treatment’. (so they called it. i know better. the reason i have these once a month pampering is because my humans are scared of cutting my ‘nails’ for me.) but i dont mind going because there are a lot of other dogs. sometimes, i even get to play with them.

but back to this new place, this is what happen when you do not have a say when it comes to styling.


i so wish they would just listen to me when i tell them NOT to put that on my head. it is a nice enough red ribbon with yellow star, but it is just not my style. and when my humans came to get me, they were giggling away. so much for loyalty. i supposed when it comes to humans, they are not are loyal as us dogs.

i so wanna hide…


my ONLY consolation is, my humans cant stop hugging and kissing me all the way home.

p/s: i still have that ribbon. girl puppies apply within. i’ll have my humans send it to you. 😉


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