Posted by: stardust | August 7, 2007

bosco’s birthday?

[this blog came about because human was too busy to download the pictures from her camera. this is her peace offering.]

last month, human #1 had her birthday. her friend, raci gave her a nicely wrapped yellow package. i got to the package before my human does. hey, i thought it’s mine. afterall, i was celebrating my ‘6 months old birthday’. hehe!


i got to it first. wonder what’s in it? i agree with whoever that said, tearing up the wrapping is half the fun.

114.jpg 122.jpg

what do you mean it’s not mine? how sad..


the humans gave me a present of my own. they remembered that i turned 6 months. *big grin*


it’s all mine!


nobody takes it from me..


and so started the love affair between bosco and the toss ring.

pawnote: it’s heartgard day today. yummy! cant wait for humans to get home from work.



  1. Oh hey! I have that toy too…Actually it’s not mine, it’s my sista Chloe’s. She loves all these soft cloth toy not me.I like BALLS! You look sooo cute in the pictures…

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. hi amber-mae,

    all kinds of toys, i love. balls, soft cloth, squeakies.. 🙂

    thanks for the compliment. you look mighty fine too.


  3. Lucky Bosco. My hoomans don’t buy me nice cloth-ish toys. That’s cause I just tore up a pillow case. 😦

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