Posted by: stardust | August 10, 2007

dogathon (and tennis)

hush-hush now.. bosco really don’t wanna jinx this. i have been hearing about this through all your blogs that some of you are going to the event this sunday. oh, i so wanna go. it’s just that up until yesterday, i’ve been keeping quiet because i don’t wanna be a pest about it.

you see, human #2 is a tennis coach. and she’ll be coaching on sunday morning. so, i thought i wouldn’t be making it this time. but.. yeay for bearer of good news. #2’s friend is on the committee of this dogathon and have called her up and asked her to go (and bring bosco!). yippie! bosco’s so happy now.

but, bosco will be late because we will only be going after her class. hope bosco make it on time to at least see some of the action.

oh ya, bosco’s human is a tennis coach. so, bosco gets to go tennis court a lot. and bosco loves watching people play tennis.



but bosco can only watch from the carrier because humans afraid i’ll get hit by one of those flying yellow fuzzy balls.


brace yourself at starting position (find a comfortable position cos this’ll take a while)


1. look left


2. look right

repeat 1. and 2. until your world turns this way…


so much fun! 🙂

and a picture of #2 coaching one of her classes.


on saturday, bosco is off to watching another tennis game. to all of you, have a good weekend!

pawnote: #1 will be taking pictures from off this blog to resize. she used up ALL the quota in 2 months. (haha! see, laziness backfires..) if you find any blogs with pictures missing, do be patient with her. thanks! and for you who have been spending a lot of your precious time waiting for pictures to load, bosco apologise for human.

new pawnote: #1 is tired after working on all those pictures. she told bosco that bosco’s blog will not look as nice and tidy because there is still more work to be done. have a great weekend and come back next week for updates and a better bosco blog.



  1. hope 2 c u during dogathon, bosco.. owner learnt tennis b4 too…but i think her coach is not good enough…she still can hardly play a good game…picking up balls seems to b her routine job..

  2. Hi bosco, ur human do have a good camera & the pictures quality is sooo good. wat brand is she using?

    glad to know tat u are going to dogathon! see ya 😉

  3. hi Bosco… hope to see u at dogathon too..

    and wow.. u get to follow your human to work??.. that was fun!!…
    I hope i can follow my mommy to work.. so that i won’t be boring and missing her at home..

    Have a nice weekend..

    Golden Rossi

  4. Hey Bosco, hope to see you there tomorrow…See me performing tricky tricks! Hehehehe…

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  5. We have been having so much fun every Sunday, let’s do it again!

    Meet me in Chat
    Sunday 9 am EST (9 pm Singapore time)
    peemail me for the chat address

    all bloggie doggies invited!

    BYOB (bring your own bowl)

    Bussie Kissies

  6. hey bosco, i think i might saw you yesterday dogathon coz there’s one brown poodle… not many brown poodle here, they are either peach (not sure the correct colour name tho) or full black but not brown.

    i was walking around most of the time but didn’t give out kisses or let anydog near me. too tired.

    wet wet licks


  7. Hi Bosco,

    I saw you on Pacco’s blog so I though I’d drop by and say hi!

    Did you had fun at the dogathon?


  8. Hey Bosco!
    How was the doggiethon trip?
    I love your post! So cute….so many step by step. The next time the hoomans play badminton, I’ll do the left right thing too.

    LicketyLicks teddy bwear!

  9. pacco, rossi, amber-mae, money: i got there very late. almost 12pm. so, not much time to do any socialising. hope you all had lotsa fun! my humans was busy doing their own socialising, i so wanted to go over to the stage area to say hello.

    pacco: i heard your name announced though, what trick did you do?

    money: my humans will be so happy to hear that. especially #1. they are using a canon ixus. they say it’s as ‘dummy friendly’ as it could possibly get.

    rossi: i only get to follow sometimes. not all the time. because it can be really scorching hot at the tennis courts. and last saturday, the guards came over to tell my humans that dogs are not allowed. #1 got upset! looks like i will not get to go as often now. but im always welcomed at #1’s office. just that no one gets their work done when im there, so.. #1 says perhaps once in 3 weeks i get to go with her.

    amber-mae: too bad i missed seeing you perform. maybe in september at bu central. it’s nearer and i will get there earlier.

    buster: im sorry as #1 only got internet access when she’s at work. so, no weekend for her. hope you all have lotsa fun chatting.

    boo: oh.. why didnt you come over? would love you to and give you my best kisses.

    toffee: thanks for dropping by. yes, i had fun running on grass and chasing my humans. we were laughing so hard. i fell right asleep on the way back.

    max: keep a look out for more step by step(s). hehe! i love writing them to share with you.

  10. hi bosco, u went there so late…. guess i missed u cause i’m too tired after the whole event…lazy to walk around too. hope to see ya in the next Petnyou event in BU next month 🙂

  11. as usual…all i know is jumping all over my owner lol…

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