Posted by: stardust | August 16, 2007

driving for doggies (not dummies)

last saturday, bosco got grumpy while waiting for #2 at the tennis court because it was so hot out there. bosco decided to wait at the car instead because there is air-con + music.


but after a while, bosco got bored of the waiting around too. bosco decided to take the car for a ride.

1694.jpg 1695.jpg

“there must be a driving manual somewhere in here.. .” bosco was gromit-inspired! hehe!

1682.jpg 1690.jpg 1692.jpg 1691.jpg

check if there’s any signs of them humans. (we doggies must not let them know we can drive else they would have us driving them everywhere.) when coast’s clear, start the engine. (in my case it’s already started because i was enjoying the air-con + music.)

set gear to ‘D’ (bosco only drives auto cars because manual is too complicated), step on gas and off we go cruising. remember to always look at where you’re going, always check the side mirror, and do turn your head to your right to check for cars in blind spots. and you’ll be driving just fine.

off i go… oh what a ride!


alamak! i ran out of petrol. gosh!


*sheepish* boys and girls, always check if you have enough petrol. how? if needle points to E, means it’s ENOUGH. if needle points to F, means it’s FINISH. oh, mustnt let humans know i drove.


how now, brown bosco? oh, i got it. i’ll pretend to be asleep.

1706.jpg 1708.jpg 1707.jpg

do i look convincing to you? only one way to find out…


she bought it. we’re good to go. till another adventure..

pawnote: dont know who is gromit? i found a picture of him and his human, wallace.



  1. cute bosco! driving yeah, drive to me and we can play together.

    where’s mom and dad learning tennis? mom used to take lesson from YMCA at brickfields. but stopped. she’s lazy.

    wet wet licks


  2. boo: #1 cant play. #2 is a tennis coach. she usually coach at mont kiara/subang/damansara. your mom interested to take tennis lessons from #2?

  3. hahah…..bosco is such a smart dog…mayb next time u can gv us all doggie a lift…

  4. Wah Bosco! You went for driving lessons & got license already ah? I still can’t drive coz my legs can’t reach the paddle unless I ask Faith to control the paddles while I steer, heehee! Great idea! I’m gonna try it now! Just pray for me that I will come back in one piece…

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  5. fu-yoh! bosco, u can drive….. can v go to beach together? v can play water….ah~! i feel that cool water now 🙂

  6. Ooohh….so that’s what F stands for. I always thought it was full!
    Silly Maxxy. I shall go check the car and take it for a spin. Maybe Max go see cure girly dogs and impress them.

    Thanks for the guide Bosco!

  7. pacco: i will most definitely try 🙂

    amber-mae: im so excited about this. maybe one day we can go racing on the road. like fast and furious. but that’s manual.. oh.. no!

    money: bosco never been to a beach before. what’s a beach? maybe one day we can go together.

    max: dont quote me on that yah 😉

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