Posted by: stardust | August 23, 2007

the day bosco discover cheese


the humans saw this in one of the pet shop and fell for the packaging. Muttzz-RRR-Ella! these humans ar, should be old enough to fall for that. they say it cost rm3.90. bosco have no idea what is that all about. well, if it helps, bosco can give you 3.90 licks?


when it’s out of its attractive wrapper, it got even cuter. the humans were squealing away with so much excitement you would have thought it’s a treat for them rather than for bosco. sigh.. these humans. but i can understand. look at the little bone-shaped cheese in the middle. bosco would say though, “cheese in any shape, taste just as yummy”.


at first bosco was sceptical. “what is the humans using this time as the weapon of distraction?”.


and then, like they say, the rest is history. one taste of it and bosco was sold. it was absolutely pawesomely lickilicious. if there’s such a word.


and bosco never look back. until bosco discover that the big huge noisy cold unfriendly box standing in the humans’ dining room can produce slices and slices and slices of cheese. bosco never really paid any attention to it until then. bosco must pay more respect to things around the house. perhaps they each have a hidden talent of producing other yummy tasting food. and bosco found the below on the net. how come this cheese got my hero and his human face on it? ok, bosco will now go back to guarding that monstrosity of a cold noisy box, just in case it throw out more cheese.


pawnote: bosco did research. cheese gives us doggies constipation. but humans say some food they love also give them constipation. (too much info human!). so, do it in moderation.



  1. From how Bosco describe the snack, I want to try it out too. I will get Miss and Mister to get me one tomorrow when they go to Pet Safari. But sadly, they are not taking me there. *sniff*

  2. which petshop is that…??
    dat cheese looks delicious n RM3.90 is cheap….

    i wan 2 ask my owner get me one

  3. max & pacco: humans got it at buddy pet station in tmn megah. bosco love it.

  4. wow… i want i want!… ok.. must ask mom to go buy liao!…

    Thanks for sharing those lovely fat chessy stick to us!..

    Golden Rossi

  5. ah, i think mom got those for a friend of mine… she didn’t give it to me. 😦

    wet wet licks


  6. rossi: it’s yummy! go get it. 🙂

    boo: ask mum to get one for you too.

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