Posted by: stardust | August 27, 2007

#2’s BBQ Party

what a weekend!

11am: bosco go for grooming. i wanna look my very best.

4pm: bosco go home to the humans + friends. they were rushing around. bosco go to cage to nap. bosco want to help but humans say i need the rest.

6pm: we are set for a great BBQ Party!


7pm: guests start arriving. bosco put on new shirt.


here’s a look at some of the guests. adena is here too with her mummy. bosco play ‘sit and fetch’ with her.


bosco’s really excited about meeting bubbles. bosco keep hearing the humans say something about blowing bubbles. so bosco went out to have a look. this is what bosco found, so that is bubbles? i thought bubbles is a doggie like bosco?? bosco is confused.


will the real bubbles please stand up? oh, then she arrives.. she looks even better in dog-person. my humans also fell in love with bubbles.


bosco is so happy! and there are so many people to play with bosco.


bosco also want to taste some of the food. but the humans say no. some friends teased me with very nice smelling chicken ball. oh, but i must be a good boy and listen to my humans.


10pm: bosco still awake. what are we waiting for? light the candles, make a wish and cut the cake because bosco want a slice. what? it’s chocolate. bosco dont understand, how come the chocolate boss cant have chocolate? (2 friends of #2 also celebrating their birthdays on 25th aug so the humans bought them a cake to share.) Happy Birthday, Sheena (#2), Catherine and Joanne!!!



and then she opens her presents. hmm.. some people got her chocolates. bosco want the chocolates. my humans are chocoholics i think. hence they got me? hehe!


chocolate on chocolate. i will trade my 90% eaten greenies with the chocolate.


midnight: the humans keep putting me in my cage. bosco is tired. it’s past sleeping time. but there are still many friends around. bosco still wanna play. so bosco bark to be let out. bosco seldom bark. #1 is upset with bosco. but bosco really dont wanna sleep yet.

11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg

2am: finally! the boss is ready to sleep. bosco is exhausted! humans have to put bosco in the carrier, in the room to sleep. because where the cage is, is too bright and too noisy. #1 stayed in the room with me to make sure that i sleep.. i didnt know how tired i am until my head rested on trunk trunk.

bosco had a great time. it’s a great party for bosco. and bosco is ready to sleep now.
14.jpg 16.jpg 15.jpg

the next day: what do you do with balloons after a great party? you tie it to your dog. NOT! (secretly though, it was quite fun. and balloons are such funny little things.)


pawnote: and the humans got me a present too. but that’s for another post. hope you all had a great weekend like mine.



  1. Oh! Happy belated birthday to Sheena ur #2 owner 🙂

    Bosco u are soooo cute…with the balloons. i think i will b very scare of the flying thingy tying around my back….i will run run run & run (infinity) until i can fly up… 🙂

  2. hi hi, who’s birfday is it? your mommy #2 izzit?

    belated bifday!

    bosco, are you sure you are still a virgin?

    wet wet licks


  3. Happy burfday #2! Hope you have a great, fruitful year ahead! woot!

    Btw, Bosco looks like Bosco had fun yeah? Even with so little doggies to play with. But I think Bosco like it cause you get full TLC. no need to share share. 🙂

  4. Oh wow! What a great BBQ pawty you all had! The food looks great but the cake looks even greater!!! But sad, it’s chocolate… So errr, who’s birthday is it again?

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  5. Hey Bosco.. u are so lucky to be able to celebrate birthday party with your hoomans… the food looks yummy.. and those decor was fantastic especially those balloons!!…

    Golden Rossi

  6. firstly, #2 says thank you to all for the birthday wishes!

    money: first it was scary and ‘different’. then it got quite fun. 🙂

    boo: yes i am. bosco is still a baby. hehe!

    max: only one doggie so bosco can fully concentrate on her.

    amber-mae: bosco wont know about the food cos bosco only get to eat some cheese. but cheese is great! it’s #2’s birthday.

    rossi: yeah, i get to play with the balloons after the party. it is fun. you run after them and they go up and down.

  7. Oh hi!! thanx for dropping by to my blog!!! happy to know u!!! wow.. that seems a great pawty huh?

  8. Nice pawty!!!

    I would trade all my sausage and greenies for some chocolate too. Can’t get enough of the stuff. 😛

    Hehehe… Did your hoomans try to float you away with the balloons??


  9. love ur outfit..’im a virgin’…..coz i’m really a virgin

    n so many food there….makes me feeling hungry now…

  10. goofy: thanks for dropping by. yeah, great party!

    snoopy: yeah, too bad we doggies cant eat chocolates. my humans were checking whether they can scare me with the balloons. they failed! haha!

    pacco: bosco like the red shirt too. 😉 the food’s all gone now. 😦

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