Posted by: stardust | September 3, 2007

test your pet

bosco followed a lead from the saturday’s paper that led me to this site. bosco think this site is cool. there are 7 tests altogether for us doggies, (there are other tests for other pets too.) with step by step photo walkthrough.

a quick look of the first test below.

  It’s likely that your dog is either right- or left-handed. In the wild it makes sense to have a paw preference, because in emergencies, one side of the body will take the lead. Why left or right are dominant is open to debate, but in some species it has some amazing consequences.  
What do I need?

  • A plastic or cardboard tube that is wide enough for your dog to reach into with its paw, but not with its head
  • A pet treat or toy
  The walkthrough below describes the stages of the test:  
Step 1: Put the treat near the end of the tube and hold the tube directly in front of your dog.
Step 2: Encourage your dog to get the treat.
Step 3: Do this twice more. If your dog isn’t pawing for the treat, place the treat under a sofa, just within reach, and try it again. What does your dog do?

and then you get to key in your scores and check that against all the other doggies around the world who had done this test.

Now’s your chance to put your pet through its paces by carrying out the Test Your Pet home tests. We’ve worked with leading scientists to develop a series of simple experiments that assess various aspects of animal behaviour. In particular, we’re looking at animal cognition – the way they think. You’ll discover whether your pet is right- or left-handed, how good it is at solving problems, and much more.

The tests are quick and easy to do: most of them take less than 5 minutes. Each test has clear instructions that walk you through the procedure and tell you how to judge your pet’s performance. You can print them off if that would make it easier. When you submit a test result, the data for your pet will be added to results from thousands of other pets.

Before you go any further, here are some important guidelines that you should remember when you are carrying out the tests:

  • Don’t force your pet to do the tests. If they are unwilling to take part, try again later.
  • Don’t worry if your pet doesn’t perform as you had hoped. All results are important to us.
  • Do give your pet the time, space and quiet that they need to have a good go at the tests.
  • If you are a child, make sure an adult is present when you test your pet.

Dog Tests:

Test 1 – Paw Preference
Test 2 – Flip The Tin
Test 3 – Drop The Treat
Test 4 – Round The Bend
Test 5 – Command Of Language
Test 6 – Pull The String
Test 7 – Hide And Seek

pawnote: this will work as a filler. photos not done properly of the merdeka weekend. #1 is still working on it. hope everyone had fun spending time with the humans for 3 whole days.



  1. Oooo, interesting… My mommy taught me to ‘touch’ my ball with my paw paw on command & I usually touch my ball with either my left or right paw paw. I change sometimes & I have no problem using them both to touch the ball. But will give those tests a try next time…

    Have you tried it out yourself?

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. amber-mae: bosco’s humans been busy. havent had time to do all these tests with me. have you done it?

  3. […] to start? Test your pet here (or you can start here)… and get personalized […]

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