Posted by: bosco | March 13, 2008

more goodies

last sunday #1 went and got me more of my favourite treat (read previous post) because they are running out. at the counter, the cashier threw in a magazine. #1 had a brief glance at it and didnt pay much attention to it because she thought it’s about one of those advertising leaflet. but when she got home and have a proper look at it, it’s not advertising leaflet at all.

we were both pleasantly surprised. it was a copy of this…


PETSTER magazine? (and oh my, what beautiful dogs as cover models) did the cashier wrongly placed into our bag? we didnt pay for it. should we return it? let’s be naughty and read it first before we return it. but guess what? the cashier didnt make a mistake because the magazine is…


we were so excited about this. it’s free!!! march 08 is their first issue. they have some interesting features in this issue. i enjoyed all of them. one of them is ‘Ask Our Vet’. this month’s answers’ from dr. mervin of Hand ‘N’ Paws. he (and dr.lai from same vet) is bosco’s vet!!! and bosco can reassure you that they are good vets. having that said, the less visits to the vet the better. bosco dont like the cold steel examination table although bosco loves the docs. bosco wonder whether every issues will have answers from different vets or will they continue to ask dr.mervin? let’s continue to ask dr.mervin, then bosco will have a ‘celebrity doc’. šŸ™‚

thank you da’petshopboys (bosco finds this kinda sexist cos there’s clearly 2 very attractive girls in there). jasmine and kibbles, fight for your rights now! šŸ™‚ but all the same, thank you! bosco and the humans enjoyed reading the magazine and cant wait for the next issue.




  1. Yeap, that magazine if for free! Did you go to the launch? We were there…

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. hey ya bosco!!! thx for visiting my blog.. can i link you??
    i havent had a chance to go to the petster launching.. where can i get another copy then???

  3. Hey Bosco, who is #1’s friend? I am going to Riverwoods in Chicago, it’s far from the city though. Will it be someone I know?

    Max: Hie bosco wosco! How are you doing?
    I have been naughty lately, digging up a storm in the garden and and….I’ve been whinning a LOT. heh!

  4. Yeah I got that Magz too but I was not there…mom’s fren went to the launch.

  5. yes, free mag for us doggie to read…

  6. Hiya Bosco! Thanks for dropping by. It’s certainly serendipity that we met! The magazine sounds interesting. Too bad LS didn’t go, so none for me to read.

  7. amber-mae: no, i wasnt at the launch. i didnt know about it. šŸ˜¦

    maggie: sure. do link. i will link you too. try your petshop. they may still have a copy for you.

    ling: not sure if you know her. cos she’s #1 friend and way older than you are. šŸ™‚

    max: havent heard from you for soooo long. miss you lotss!! one day you must invite me over and we can start digging for treasure together yah?

    benben: yeah, i didnt go to the launch too. #1 got that from the pet supplies shop.

    pacco: i saw those photos of you doing demo. like i always say, you’re my favourite high jumper!

    happy: serendipity it is. šŸ™‚ let’s link each other yah?

  8. Hi Bosco,

    Are you the ONE on the magazine front page ?

    You do looks alike !

  9. jiro & ayako: thanks for dropping by. nope, that’s not bosco. one fine day bosco will get on that cover.. hehe!!

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