Posted by: bosco | March 19, 2008

five thousands!

finally, bosco’s blog stats reaches 5,000. thank you! thank you all who’s been good friends of bosco. being supportive of me even when i go missing and out of action time and again. but still you stay loyal (checking up on me and encouraging me to keep writing). i hope i’ve been a good friend to you as much as you all have been to me. from the time i started blogging until now, i have had lots of good times sharing my stories and also sharing all your stories.

as a simple token of appreciation for what you have done for bosco. bosco have decided to to give a personalised present for the 5th comment posted for this blog entry. because it’s personalised, the humans said i cant go shopping until i know who the winner is. thus, i cant reveal the present yet. as bosco cant stop you from posting more than once, only your 1st comment will be counted. so, it will be fair. else, some nasty people might keep posting until they reach the 5th comment and deny others the chance of winning. so, it’ll be a little bit of work and a little bit of luck!

note: presents are for doggies only. sorry humans!

what to post?

let’s play scatagories!! yes! let’s play scatagories. answer question 1 to 17 with word(s) starting with the first letter of your name. and post as a comment to this blog entry. easy right? (some of you have even done this before in your own blog, and therefore, can simply copy and paste). oops.. too much info! hehe!

but first, read my answers la… :p

1. Your name: Bosco

2. 4 letter word: Boss, THE

3. Vehicle: Bicycle


4. City: Bora bora (photo copyrights by tahiti tourism)


5. Boy name: Bailey

6. Girl name: Brandy

7. Occupation: Barrista

8. Something you wear: Bandanna

9. Celebrity: Bjork


10. Food: Bacon (& Cheese)

11. Something found in a bathroom: Bubbles

12. Reason for being late: Blocked by police

13. Cartoon Character: Bugs Bunny

14. Something you shout: Be be your love :p

15. Animal: Bear bear

16. Body part: Brain

17. Word to describe you: Boisterous

ready to post comment now? go! may the 5th dog win!!!

update:  because no one has posted with scatogories, bosco have decided to make it easier to win something. 🙂 now, the first 10 to post with scatogories will win something. but the 5th comment will win something more. ok, doggies? have a go at it!



  1. bosco… i’m being forced by your #1 to post this comment… she wanted me to tell you that i miss mya (the pug) very much

  2. Blocked by police? Were you speeding, Bosco?

  3. Hi Bosco….. hmmm. we will have to play your scattergorierers game. We will post tomorrow.

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