Posted by: bosco | March 31, 2008

it’s end of the month

also, end of the 1st quarter of 2008. big events for bosco for this quarter of the year includes:

jan: bosco turned ONE, got neutered
feb: celebrated first CNY
march: went to my first doggies party, witness the general election of msia, read my first magazine (yeah, Petster!), blog hit 5000 page views (but no one entered the contest, so bosco will keep the prizes. haha!), joined purina contest (result’s will be out today!), went to mid valley, celebrated earth hour

wow! i have been a busy dog.. 🙂

and tomorrow, 1 april 2008, is April’s Fool Day! (or is it april fool’s day? whichever..)


bosco have been reading up on this and was rather amused by what i found. so, sharing for all. if you think that the people who stick their heads behind their comps all day round are nerds without sense of humour, think again. below are some of my favourites of what took place on 1 april 2007 alone. (source from wiki)

1. In 2007, set up their main page so that when logged in, your latest post would appear as ‘Blog Of The Minute’. This raised several questions on their support forums.

2. DeviantArt released a news article stating that the Help Desk was going to become a pay-only feature. Letters in the article were bolded which spelled out “April fools” and some punctuation, when clicked, linked to an image announcing the joke

3. Facebook‘s News Feeds included the following events:

“Introducing LivePoke™! Facebook will dispatch a real live person today to poke a friend of your choice. (offer good for only the first 100 pokers in each network)”

Harry and Voldemort have set their relationship status to ‘Mortal Enemies.'”

“You are on Facebook, reading your News Feed.”

Meredith and McDreamy have changed their relationship status to ‘It’s Complicated’ … oh wait … ‘In a Relationship’ … oh wait … ‘It’s Complicated’ again.”

Two of your oxen drowned when you tried to ford the river.

Bracket Buster: Ohio State and Florida have mutually agreed on a tie and will not play the championship game.”

Changing the copyrights from “a Mark Zuckerberg production” to random Facebook employees’ names or the user’s own.

4. eBay added an “Unbelievable Deals!” section to its home page, with the following list of “Top 10 Deals”:

Cow Licks, Flying Carpets, Happiness, A Clue, Your Face on Mt. Rushmore, Dream Date, Electoral Votes, Ocean Front Property in Arizona, A Vowel, Evaporated Water

5. Google announced new services:

Gmail Paper, a free paper archiving service for any and all Gmail messages.

Google TiSP (beta), free in-home wireless broadband “via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines.”Welcome to Google TiSP (200704-01). Retrieved on 200704-15.

6.‘s word of the day was “Sanjaya,” after an American Idol contestant. (“san-JIE-ah – noun. Early 21st-century creature of unknown origin, but with mind-altering qualities. Lifespan unknown, possibly immortal.”)

7.‘s CEO released a video announcing that Ask is acquiring, and merging the two services into Ask Kevin, with Kevin Federline as the new CEO.

8. Internet retailer offered its most popular item, Random Crap, for sale at $1,000,001.00 and $5 shipping, which is $1,000,000.00 more than usual, however the “magic word” coupon code, “please” reverted the price back to normal.

9. Second Life added a series of humorous messages to their teleport loading screens. Examples include “Teleporting to preview of Second Death” and “Loading parameters… Finding destination… Deleting inventory… I mean LOADING inventory…”.

10. Uncyclopedia replaced their normal front page with a truthful front page similar to Wikipedia‘s, linking to semi-related articles. It also claims Wikipedia is a parody of the site, where “vandalism is considered positive”.

it’s so funny, isnt it? if you are bored tomorrow, just surf through and see how they’ll outdo themselves this year then. 🙂

and on this blog, there’s this to look forward to: (and this is NOT an april’s fool prank!)
mylofeature.gif mylofeature.gifmylofeature.gif
ok.. ok.. i think you got the idea. 🙂

pawnote: bosco have decided to take out the meebo widget. cos, hmm.. there’s no point. so, best just to leave a comment or email. faster and more effective. thanks!



  1. Wow Bosco, 2008 sounds like a BIG year for you huh. Its normal for me as theres nothing much happen until now…….OH no, EXCEPT the 3 rascals!!! Yeah, I have a bad beginning of year 2008, I got 3 destroyers !!!

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