Posted by: bosco | April 1, 2008

mylo, my love

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please welcome mylo, to bosco’s blog. mylo is the first doggie to come on the monthly feature, for the month of april. bosco is very happy to present her on this blog because she is one beautiful, feisty young lady.


when mylo was just a tiny little baby.. (2 to 3 months old), she was already showing signs of growing into one beautiful lady who’ll always get her ways (especially with her ‘master’.. mylo knows who the real master is). with her intelligent eyes and her full-of-attitude smile, it’s no wonder that she wins the hearts of many wherever she goes.



sometimes poor mylo finds herself a case of mistaken identity. because of her colour and long ears, she has been mistaken as a rabbit. according to her master, mylo even ‘act like rabbit’ sometimes. oh poor mylo, i dont think you look like a rabbit. moreover, you dont smell like a rabbit.

and what is mylo’s favourite food? you guessed it, mylo loves carrots and vegetables. my, my mylo.. what’s wrong with bacon and cheese? 🙂 perhaps one day bosco will try eating carrots. but there aren’t a lot of that in the house cos the humans hate eating vegetables too.

mylo’s favourite toy will be her tennis balls and her KONG. aww.. bosco wish i have one of those too. have been hearing so much about them but never owned any. im sure mylo has lotsa fun with her toys.

here’s more pictures of mylo @ 6 mths to 1 yr. still holding the ‘i know the secrets of the world and you dont’ look, she totally encompasses the true essence of beauty and brain.


mylo’s favourite pastime is looking out the window and watching the world goes by. she thinks the humans are funny creature and so much fun to watch. sometimes, she may even spot her own kind, the smarter beings.

she really dislike it though when her master insists that she does tricks before giving her share of treats. she thinks the ‘tricks for treats’ era is so yesterday. but she does it anyways (only when her mood is good!) because she knows she’ll get her way much faster doing just that. also because, she can do it!

this is her nifty little trick for treats. and not before some attitude, mind you. mylo is a talking dog. who’ll try to reason (scold!) her master when she feels that she’s been asked to do what is beyond what she is supposed to. and bosco totally adore a girl with attitude.

and if you like mylo, please send her your love through the comments. she’ll read them when she comes online. if you REALLY like mylo, please remember to come back in december and give her your vote.

parting shot:

“this is me and my good friend, dandan. hope you’ve enjoyed sharing my stories.
love, mylo”


  1. Mylo sure was a cutie! Oh my, I love the last picture of her with dandan. Sooo cute!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Oh Mylo!! wondering if i didnt see u last saturday hehehehe..

  3. harlow mylo…

    remind me of my favourite drink…

  4. I’m checking out my feature… hmm… at least Bosco did a good job… feel pretty damn good now *cropped tail wagging*

  5. Hi, Bosco!
    Nice to meet your friend Mylo. She is so cute! Yes, I love her attitude!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Hey Bosco, your friend Mylo is a beauty! She doesn’t look like a rabbit at all. hehe. Hey Mylo, nice to meet you!

  7. Hi Bosco, I found you on Amber’s blog and thought you looked so cute, I just had to visit! Your friend Mylo is a real beauty, too 🙂 Anyway, I’m glad to “meet” you, hehe.
    have a lot of fun, Xsara

  8. Me thinks Mylo is short for My Love

  9. The last photo is really cute.
    “cubit hor e si”… haha

  10. AWww………she is gorgeoes !!! Oh my my..lo !! How come our Hippo got nothing similar to her?? Our Hippo is fat, stink & supper nOtti !!!

  11. thank you all for leaving nice words for mylo.

    mylo: sorry bout the cropped tail. :p

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