Posted by: bosco | April 6, 2008

when your humans are cheap

when the humans are cheap, as a smart dog, you have no choice but to be creative and innovative. what are the above? they are just simple bottle caps. which bosco have taken great care to remove (all by myself!) from 2 perfectly good plastics bottles. they were then converted into chew toys. oh, the many hours of fun it gave me.

after hours of doing this,

i can now declare this as highly addictive (newly invented) chew toy. it’s FREE and you can find them lying around the house. the humans will thank you because you help them save some money on toys. (which now you can convince them to spend on yummy treats for you instead)

#1: bosco!! did you just chew up 2 water bottles?? the floor is completely wet with water now!! bosco!!

ah.. hmm.. time to make my escape. the humans have short term memory anyways. they’ll forget in like the 2 seconds it takes me to put on my pitiful face.



  1. Hi, Bosco!
    You are so right! those bottle caps are the best toys! I like them a lot! Like you said… they are cheap and easy to find!
    Have a great weekend
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Hi 5 Bosco!!!

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