Posted by: bosco | April 23, 2008

the humans are trying to kill me!!

take a look at this. the humans are evil. they tried to kill me by giving me food infested with.. creepy crawlies. yucks!

(after a few seconds of close observation)

hmm.. it’s not as bad as i first thought. it may even taste good. maybe the humans thought they can kill me this way. or perhaps they wanted to try to scare the boss. but, bosco is fearless boss. you have to try harder next time humans.

disclaimer by the humans:

1. there were no creepy ‘crawlies’. only ONE miserable crawl-y.
2. there was no intention of killing you, bosco. have you been secretly watching triad movies at home while we are at work?
3. the wormy was in a pack of sample kibbles given to you less than a week ago. not something we have kept forever in your treat bag. only thing is: it’s expired. #1 has already called up the shop to inform them of this.

bosco to the humans:
what??!! expired months ago and you still tried to feed it to me? dare you say that you were not trying to kill me???!! *upset*

pawnote: this dispute was finally solved with the agreement of ONE piece of good cheese (please check expiry date!) a day for a week.



  1. Hi, Bosco!
    My mom says that she would faint if she would see one of those crawlies in my kibble!
    I hope you got yummy treats instead of that!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Eeeeeek!!!!!!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  3. oh gosh… that’s totally gross…

    i bet my owner will freak out n yell like mad woman…

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