Dog of the Month

“come on over.. we’re having fun & waiting for you to join us. ~bosco & mylo~”

too busy to blog? have better (more important) things to do like: digging for treasures in the garden, begging for more treats or sitting on your humans; but still would like to have a nice page on the world wide web to call your own? no worries, let bosco do it for you.

bosco will be featuring a dog monthly. at the end of the year, all will be welcome to nominate the dog they love best. and this dog will get a big surprise from bosco.

bosco will be starting this from april 2008 with mylo!

anydog can join. (yes, anydog!) the boss do not discriminate. no matter where in the world you are, no matter what religion, no matter what race, no matter what size; small or big, no matter pure breed or mixed breed.. doesnt matter. the ONLY criteria is, you must be a dog. just let me know that you want to join and i’ll slot you in. 🙂

email bosco your details with photos (only softcopies will be accepted) and videos (if any). please acknowledge that once the photos and/or videos are sent for this, bosco has the rights to publish them on this blog. and, although being the compassionate boss that i am, i will listen to your whiny complaints but that doesnt mean that i will act on them. hehe! the boss’ decision is final.



check out the star(s)!!

mylo7.jpg april 2008 ~ mylo


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