Talk to Bosco

bosco tried posting a cbox here so you all can chat with with bosco. maybe bosco is not too good at this or wordpress just didnt allow for a cbox insertion. (actually, bosco said that to make the human feels better about herself. her html sucks.)

so, you’ll have to go to: to drop me those messages.

or, you can just leave a comment.

or, better still, leave your pawprints here.

[slideguest id=504403158268929891&w=550&h=425]

hey! i said pawprints, not urine! this territory is marked by bosco.




  1. Hello hello… finally uploaded the video on the MPS guy “assaulting” an animal lover… check my blog out and pass the word round, so people will know that the MPS are a bunch of liars…

  2. ALOHA!!!

    Hi Bosco…bumped into your blog while searching for rose rose i love you…anyways, manage to go to SFX for the animal blessing mass?


  3. HI, Bosco,

    Enjoy ur McD sundae ya 🙂


  4. the strawberry sundae was really really good! i had some fries too.. *happy*

  5. Hi! I can get boistrous with my special shot I have a nice joke for you people! 🙂 How do you get a frog off the back window of your car? Use the rear defrogger.

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